Your Life from a New Perspective

Is a life or business in constant flux taking a toll on your wellbeing? I’m going to show you how to navigate change with ease and flow so you can stop fighting the current and get back to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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If you’re new to me, welcome! My name is Becky Brett, and I’m a holistic executive coach for purpose-driven leaders. This is a fancy way of saying I help the helpers. My career has spanned the performing arts and festival producing, as well as nonprofit leadership throughout the United States. I moved to Hawai’i to continue fulfilling my life’s purpose to support burnt-out executives in decolonizing their leadership by helping them discover and implement more supportive ways of navigating the choppy waters of change.

This masterclass has been years in the making! My deepest desire is that you will learn in these 30 minutes what took me a decade to finally integrate. This includes:

  • Three stages of Identity Shifting and how to apply them in your life
  • Learn about the Logical Levels of Change Framework, which will help you navigate change with ease and speed
  • The tools to let go of the old versions of yourself that are holding you back, and step into your fullest potential.

Just fill out the form and you’ll be redirected to get instant access to the class!