Becky Brett

In the heart of Hawaii's stunning landscapes, Becky Brett is your friendly guide and inspiration for purpose-driven leaders looking to transform and grow. With a rich background spanning over three decades, Becky has honed her expertise as both a nonprofit executive director and a creative force in the arts, events, and festival production realms. This diverse experience forms the cornerstone of her holistic approach to coaching and consulting.

Becky's coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that effective leadership transcends professional realms, encompassing both personal and professional well-being. Drawing upon her extensive background, she specializes in helping executives navigate major life changes while maintaining their effectiveness as leaders. By integrating executive coaching, retreat facilitation, and fundraising strategy, Becky empowers her clients to achieve work-life harmony, reduce overwhelm, and lead with purpose.

What sets Becky apart is not just her wealth of experience, but also her unique setting in Hawaii. Situated on the breathtaking Hawaii Island, Becky's private retreats offer an unparalleled environment for reflection and rejuvenation. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the island, clients find solace and inspiration as they embark on their journey towards personal and professional transformation.

Since establishing Becky Brett Coaching & Consulting in 2016, Becky has been a guiding force for individuals and organizations alike, fostering resilience, authenticity, and impactful change. Whether through one-on-one coaching sessions, group programs, or strategic planning, Becky's unwavering commitment to her clients' success shines through in every aspect of her work. As a trusted ally and confidante, she empowers her clients to unlock their full potential and lead lives of purpose and fulfillment.

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