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Labyrinth Personal Retreat Planner

It's time for some self-care.

The Labyrinth Personal Retreat Planner is for you if...

You've just gone through a major life transition and need to figure out who you are now.

You've just launched a major project and need to take a break to recharge

You are about to launch something new and want to get clear on your goals and priorities

You want to expand your

Divorce, breakup, death all throw us into a tailspin, but so do marriage, promotion at work, and finally getting the green light for your dream project. "Good" stress and "bad" stress is still stress, and this planner can help you manage the stress and figure out your next steps.

This DIY retreat planner uses the mantra of the labyrinth--Release, Receive, Return--to guide you step by step through your own personal retreat, so you can get clear on what your priorities are now.

This planner includes checklists, helpful links to source material, and links to 5 guided meditations created or curated just for this process. You can use it for retreats of all formats and lengths--from hours to days, from the comfort of your home to a cabin in the woods or a hotel room on the beach. You don't need any special powers to facilitate your own magic--just this planner.

And if you do want extra support through this process, my contact information is in the book.


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