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Recover: Digital Download Package

Are you stuck ruminating? Thinking over and over obsessively about something you said or did? An argument that has you distracted? A terse word said out of frustration and now ruining your whole day? Whatever it was, your vibration has completely dropped, and you want to raise it back up quickly.

Well the good news is, you don't need to carry this with you and let it ruin your day. You can recover now with this download package.

This download package takes you through a three-step process for rapid recovery so you can get back to being the sparkling soul you want to be. Download this now to snap yourself out of it.

I walk you through three steps to help you stop ruminating and get back to your life. These steps include:

1. Physical activity guide to help burn off stress, including a link to my best Anger Burn playlist on Spotify

2. A guided meditation created by me to relieve your anxiety and promote healing

3. Three options of phone wallpapers to help you get back to feeling peaceful and productive and remind you that everything is going to be OK.


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